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Since 1998

One of Belgium’s oldest translation agencies

We have heaps of experience. Which means we are able to assess your translation needs fast.

Ad Verbum translation agency provides sustainable, quality translation solutions that do not only help you today, but remain a competitive asset for your organisation for many years to come.

Skilled and highly qualified translators

Only native speakers

We have more than 500 qualified, full-time, professional translators worldwide on our books who only translate into their mother tongue. By asking exclusively native speakers to take care of your translations, we make sure your texts always read properly in the target language.

We also regularly update our database of translators to ensure continuous quality assurance.

Our view on what we do

Making a good translation is much more than just translating the words.

Every text has its own style, terminology and target audience. And a good translator will think about all these things. That’s why at Ad Verbum translation agency, we assess very carefully what requirements a text should fulfil before we start. So we can select exactly the right translator for your project. We make sure our translation will fit in seamlessly with the style of your organisation and not only the contents, but also the message comes across.
The result will be a quality translation, tuned precisely to the needs of your organisation.

Your quality guarantee

Whether it’s only one A4 or a report of hundreds of pages, Ad Verbum translation agency always asks a team of at least two translators to work on your text: a native speaker of the source language and a professional translator native in the target language. Whenever possible, we also give recurring assignments to the same translators, as this way, we guarantee consistency in style and wording.

Never Google Translate

Translation programs, like Google Translate, have come on with leaps and bounds in recent years. And of course they can be helpful for quick snippets of communication that do not always have to be completely right and very precise. At least if you are prepared to turn a blind eye to the mistakes, because you’re bound to find bigger and smaller errors at every turn. Corporate texts and websites, however, are calling cards for their companies, also in translation. So it is important that they are perfect. Apart from that, a translation written by a real human being will always read much more smoothly and be more pleasing than one made by a computer. Even machine translations edited and proofread by a professional translator afterwards, called post-editing in the business, will never be as good as a text written by a real person from scratch.

This is why Ad Verbum translation agency only delivers work done by real people. We make sure of that. And we’re proud of it.

A little story:
A while ago, we were contacted by a client to check a text for a safety manual. We came across the phrase ‘activate emergency rooster’, which was obviously not what the client had in mind for any eventual crisis… They explained to us that the manual was originally written in German and had been translated into English by a popular machine translating program. After some confusion, the proverbial penny finally dropped: the term ‘Hahn’ can mean both a valve and a male chicken. Fortunately the client didn’t want to risk any more faux pas of this kind, and asked us to translate the manual from German instead. And so the original ‘Nothahn’ was translated correctly as ‘emergency valve’ after all.

At Ad Verbum, we look after our clients:

  • We put together personalised terminology lists for every client.
  • We strive for consistency in quality, style and terminology for all your translation projects.
  • We always try to entrust your projects to the same translators every time, though even when your fixed translators are not available, we use terminology lists and a dedicated translation memory to enable a colleague to seamlessly take over.

If you send your texts to Ad Verbum translation agency in Office format, we will make sure you get them back with the same layout. If you send them to us in PDF, things are a little different however… Because we need to put them into Word, which often means changing the layout a little.

Ad Verbum translation agency keeps all documents it receives confidential, without exception. And we are always happy to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) if needed.
We also only post updates about projects on social media when we are absolutely certain our clients will appreciate the extra publicity!

Often enough, translation is one of the last steps in your project. Ad Verbum translation agency will be swift in getting you an unconditional quote!
On top of that, we always follow the deadlines we set and deliver what we promise. So you can sit back and relax.

Our website is much more than just our calling card, because for our clients and translators it also serves as a tool to discuss things transparently and effectively, give instructions, brainstorm and streamline multilingual projects.

We even offer the possibility to store all delivered translations on our project pages for a certain time, so you and your colleagues have access to them later too. That way, everyone in your company knows straightaway where to find their translations. All your texts will be well organised, eliminating the need to email to and fro. So you save valuable time!

Our client portal: a helpful tool that overcomes all the limitations of email.

Clients are not just a number at Ad Verbum.
We strive for a win-win relationship in the long term.