Which languages does translation agency Ad Verbum translate?2018-02-06T14:39:12+01:00

We take care of translation assignments in Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English every day, but other languages, such as Greek, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Romanian, Czech, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, etc. are a possibility as well. Thanks to our long-standing presence in the translation sector, we have built an extensive, worldwide network of qualified, professional translators in all language pairs and specialisations.
Are you looking for a translator in an unusual language pair? No problem, anything is possible! Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why does Ad Verbum charge per line and not per word or per page?2018-02-08T09:21:45+01:00

This is not a coincidence or oversight, we chose to charge per line. After all, ‘the’ is a word, but so is ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’… And the number of words a page contains varies depending on the font and layout of a text.
So it is difficult to charge objectively per page or per word. Though objectivity is necessary to put together a proper quote for your translation. This is why Ad Verbum translation agency charges per line. A ‘line’ consists of 55 characters, including spaces.

How does Ad Verbum count the number of lines?2018-02-08T09:22:54+01:00

This is how we count the number of lines to make your quote: we go to Word and count the total number of characters including spaces in the target language. For example, if the total number of characters including spaces is 12,000: 12,000 / 55 = 218 lines.
So don’t hesitate to request a free quote!

How to get my text to Ad Verbum translation agency?2018-02-08T17:13:49+01:00

Non-registered clients can send us their texts via email. And we will get back to you with an unconditional quote if you like! If not, we will charge after the project is completed, based on the rates on our pricing page.

Click here to register on our client portal. You will receive a confirmation of your registration, a user name and a password straightaway to access the client portal and use all its features and facilities.

On the other hand, if you are already registered with us, just upload the document on the portal and away you go! Ad Verbum will be notified automatically of your new project, so there is no need to send a separate email. When you create your project, enter the language combination and the required deadline.

Certainly don’t forget to give us any additional information (text target audience, any comments, terminology to be used, etc.) in the discussion forum and upload any glossaries – if applicable – so everything can be found in one place.

I only have a short text I need translated. Would it be cheaper for me to do the initial translation and then have it checked and corrected by Ad Verbum?2018-01-31T10:08:12+01:00

In order to save costs, many companies try and do as much as possible in-house. That’s great, but sometimes less than ideal! When faced with relatively simple and short texts, many people think they can just do a translation themselves and then send it off to be checked and corrected by a professional translation agency. If you have perfect language skills and the mistakes you make are very few in number, then by all means go ahead! Though if this is not the case, it is often cheaper to have your text translated by a professional translator from the very beginning. After all, editing often takes more time than the translation itself and the end result will never be as good as a text translated entirely by a professional from scratch.

So please don’t hesitate and ask for our opinion before you start!

I can’t supply the text at the agreed time. What now?2018-02-01T09:55:08+01:00

This is not necessarily a problem, but please do remember translators plan ahead for assignments they know are going to arrive. Translators like working as efficiently as possible, just like companies, so we usually try to fill up unexpected ‘gaps’ in our schedule with other assignments which, obviously, also have to be completed by a certain time. Depending on the scope and deadline of these other assignments, therefore, we may not be able to start your project immediately once it does arrive, so it might be delayed. In short, it is always best to respect pre-arranged deadlines as much as possible to make sure your planning and ours stay on schedule!

I still have a few changes/additions to make. What now?2018-02-08T09:24:56+01:00

Just send them to us and we will make sure the necessary changes are made as soon as possible! But please do remember that changes or additions afterwards mean a greater chance of errors or inconsistencies in your text. So always try to supply us with texts that are completely ‘finished’ – literally and figuratively -, limit the number of any changes and organise them as much as possible. After all, translating 20 words ten times over is nine times more work than translating 200 words once.

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